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Pain operation remains one of the most factual and complex problems of the ultramodern drug.
The physiological purpose of pain is to advise us about an injury or a pathological process.

It draws body’s attention to a necessity of taking some conduct.

ultramodern drug can offer medicines and specifics that can suppress pain perception.

still, this results in the loss of the physiological meaning of pain and contradicts the natural medium.

The latest modern technology This Scenar Therapy

Scenar Therapy

  • The RITM SCENAR device is a small hand held unit which the practitioner will apply on to your skin until you feel a slight tingling sensation.
  • It may be slightly uncomfortable but not painful.
  • The treatment session is normally an hour for most people. For acute injuries the treatment time is usually about 30 minutes. The practitioner will “brush’ the device over your skin during your treatment. You will be encouraged to tell your practitioner of any changes you feel and any sensations you are experiencing.
  • The aim is to achieve a CHANGE in your condition during the treatment. In some cases you will feel ‘worse’ after the treatment.
  • Please do not be alarmed – this is a good sign! It indicates that your body is responding quickly and a change is occurring. This is what we are looking for after your first consultation.
  • You will be asked to keep note of any changes you experience after your initial treatment; good or bad. Bring these notes (mental or written) to your next treatment and tell your practitioner. It will help focus your treatments.
  • In most cases you will require a minimum of 3 treatments (some acute conditions may resolve sooner).

Scenar Vertebra 

SCENAR-Vetebra is the first fully automatic SCENAR device, that delivers dynamic electrostimulation and electromassage. Developed jointly by RITM OKB ZAO and TRONITEK LLC, SCENAR-Vertebra utilises the best of SCENAR and DENAS technologies.

The SCENAR-Vertebra provides simple and easy treatment of the neck, spine, lower, mid and upper back. The device is suitable for both home and professional use