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We provide Pranic Healing

  • Pranic healing uses energy to help clients recover from a variety of illnesses,
  • Pranc healing is taught to handle more than just physical problems. It can also affect mental health. It has been proven to provide quick results, It is also possible to treat people far away (from a distance) because the healing practice uses the energy that is flowing through the whole earth.
  • People who practice Pranc healing believe that prana or life energy can hell accelerate the healing process In the body.
  • Everyone can heal themselves with Pranc healing if they learn and practice it. ┬áit is practiced all over the world.

it is a largely evolved and tested system of energy drugs that utilizes prana to balance,

harmonize and transfigure the body's energy processes. I

n its form, Pranic Healing has been painstakingly, totally, scientifically developed, revealed, and tutored encyclopedically by Master Choa Kok Sui.

it is a simple yet important and effective system of no-touch energy mending. It's grounded on the abecedarian principles that the body is a tone-repairing living reality, which is able of healing itself.


Prana, Ki, or Chi is the life energy that keeps the body alive and healthy.
This energy is subtle but pervasive.

The natural condition of the body's energy is balanced. When the body's prana or ki is too important or too little, it becomes unhealthy.

The result is the body is unfit to serve duly, and ultimately presents symptoms of illness.

In Pranic Healing, physical affections are treated through the subtle energy( unnoticeable physical body) of the case using prana thereby aiding and accelerating in several degrees.

the body's natural capability to heal itself.

Different Situations of Pranic Healing
With tolerance and continuity, Pranic Healing is easy to learn.

As simplified by Master Choa Kok Sui, it's a transmittable technology. Its principles and ways can be learned in a many sessions.

scholars can reach a certain degree of skill or proficiency given enough practice and time.

There are several situations of Pranic Healing. Each of the situations is formally tutored in internationally formalized modules, in about 18 hours per position.

Proficiency is gained through constant practice and study.